Three times a charm?

We had a rough couple nights with Mr. Finn who decided that he would much rather be up and play in the middle of the night than sleep.    What started out as really sweet, waking up for a hug and a snuggle around 9:30 and drifting back to sleep easily,  turned into an all out Pajamma Jammy Jam. 

His father retreated to The Cave in the basement to get some rest before his early commute.   Mommy rocked, sang, patty-caked, peek-a-booed, swayed to Sinatra and snuggled into the wee hours.    It was like deja vous all over again.   

We tried tips from our folks and eventually pulled out “The Books”.   What to Expect suggested he is experiencing night-time separation anxiety.   Team Kane implemented new tactics:

  • Do not pick him up (Killer – especially when the big tears roll down the cheeks and he reaches for you or rattles the cage)
  • Give him something to snuggle (We selected a floppy fuzzy bunny)
  • Try to lay him back down (Difficult initially since he is like a Pop Top)
  • Soothe him and repeat the same phrases (Nigh, Nigh Finn,  Nigh, Nigh Bunny,  Nigh, Nigh Mommy,  Nigh, Nigh Daddy.  We love you)
  • Reassure him that day follows night  (See you in the morning light)   
  • Don’t stay in the room until he falls asleep (This requires nerves of steal.  The crying breaks your heart, but the smiling faces of Finn, Mommy and Daddy in morning are well worth it). 

The first night, he wailed for almost 50 minutes.   The second night less than 10.   Progress, People, Progress.   Fingers crossed for night three. 


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