Finn’s New Years Rockin’ Eve

Move over Dick Clark.  Talk to the chubby hand Ryan Seacrest.   Finn Patty’s Rockin’ Eve was in full effect.   First, he cruised the strip in the gated community with the top down.  

Then he hosted a danceparty complete with a disco ball, which was a Christmas gift from his Cousin Kakes.   Those Doughers really know how to get a party started.   Mommy danced a lot (big surprise) while Finn mostly stared at the multicolored lights on the walls.   Groovy Baby. 

He chilled in the hot tubbie with his peeps,  Lil’ Duck,  CraBee and Tug-the-Boat.   He wound down the night with a supersize bobbie and Goodnight Moon performance by Big Daddy Kane.     Apparently he hit the bottle pretty hard,  since the little snoozer did not even stir during the midnight fireworks display from the Metuchen train station two blocks away.   

It was a bitter-sweet night for Mommy since we bid farewell to 2006, the Year of the Finn.    It was also the year of Jack Smart,  Ava Mullen,  Noah Williamson,  The Ramey Twins,  William and Christopher,  and Janie Preston.    It was a great year for the Kanes.   We wish all of our family and friends health, happiness and lots of joy in 2007. 


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