Babes in Toyland

The child can not walk yet.  Apparently, this is not a factor in the Christmas gift decision process.  

Grandfather and Nana gave Finn his first bike.   As if he knew what to do,  he grabbed right on to the handle bars and started to ring the bell.    If he could reach the pedals,  he might have rode away. 


Not to be outdone,  Nonno and Nonnie bestowed a car on the young master.    He promptly turned on the “radio” and started cruisin’.  


 John & I did not get the “can’t walk yet memo” either and asked Santa to bring a sled for our little man.    No bells and whistles.   But stay tuned for the first big snowfall to see Finn whizzing down the hill at The Farm. 


On Christmas morning,  it took Mr. Finn an hour and a half to open three presents and some stockings treats.   All the ripping and mugging for the camera wore the little guy out and he retreated to the comfort of his brand new Elmo chair to relax with a video.  

This is particualarly funny since John has recliner in our living room where he retreats to watch his sports in solitude.   The chair is surrounded by a force-field called the NLZ (No Leah Zone).   When he is in the NLZ,  I can not try to sit on his lap or ask lots of questions.   

Like father, like son.   Here is Finn in the NMZ (No Mommy Zone)  where he is protected from the constant birage of kisses and silly made up songs.



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