For his first visit to Santa,  Finn was accompanied by his entourage: Nonno, Nonnie,  Uncle Joe and Mommy.   As my father says,  “He is a great baby as long as he is being attended to by 4 or 5 people.  High Maintenance.”

Nonnie and I wrestled him into his festive courdroy shortall and stuffed his sausage link legs in white knee sock casings.   A pair of old school saddle shoes finished the look.     

The Santourage all piled into one car and set out for the Menlo Park Mall.   The young master took a quick cat nap before his cameo with Santa.   

We were all giddy as we walked towards Santa’s spot in the mall.   Nonno beemed as he carried Finn while Uncle Joe hoisted Finn’s man bag.   Nonnie and I exchanged glances and giggles.   It was quite a sight. 

There was no line.   What luck! Making this sojourn on a Thursday afternoon was a smart move.  After one last swipe of the hairbrush,  I placed Finn on Santa’s lap.  

He was a fine looking Santa in a crimson suit with the fluffiest white trim.   Very softie just how Finn likes it.  Finn looked back and forth from me to Santa.   Then he reached up and gently petted Santa’s white whiskers.   His downy beard was authentic.  What luck!   Finn loved Santa and Santa told Finn in a very nice voice,  “Santa is happy to see you.”   

Finn was happy to see Santa too.   


All that prep and the whole thing took about 3 minutes prompting a “Now What?” from Uncle Joe.   Apparently, he did not get the memo regarding high maintenance. 


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