Mr. Postman

Sorry for the delay in posting.   We have been in Christmas prep mode.   Instead of blogging,  I was signing, stuffing, sticking stamps, and sending 125 Christmas cards.   Yes.  I am nuts.   But I love, love, love receiving cards with pictures of my friends’ and relatives’ kids on them.  

John brings the mail in with him when he comes in from work.  For the past few weeks,  I shout from the kitchen,  “Any Cards? “.   I make a little stack and rip open each one with delight.   

John busts me that I wanted to have a baby just to send out a card with a kid on it.   This is not true (ok, maybe it is a little bit true).

50 years from now at the home,  I will be that little old lady that practically tackles the postman in her zeal to get her mail.  I just love a good card. 


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