Gated Community

There is a new gated community in Metuchen.   It was completed this weekend.  Mommy served as the architect on the project establishing the design and sourcing materials.   Daddy was the GC and honchoed the install of the shelving and gates.  

The exclusive enclave for the discerning tots under 2 features:

  • the latest child containment measures 
  • shelves stocked with toys guaranteed to delight young minds
  • plenty of open space for crawling and cruising
  • future HDTV connections are being considered at the request of the GC
  • adults are allowed only when supervised by a youngster under 2 

Initially Finn was not at all pleased with his new surrounds and burst into tears when the gate first clicked shut.  Today he is coming around.  He gave his friend, Anna, a guided tour of the community and seemed delighted to share the space.   Apparently,  a community of one was a little too exclusive. 


At the end of the playdate,  Anna and Finn considered how they might make a break for it.   The architect may need to revise the plans to incorporate a guard house at the main entrance.   



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