Aunt Sandi Bought The Farm

Relax…No cause for alarm.  In the literal sense,  Aunt Sandi bought Finn the Fisher-Price Farm.   This Little People extravaganza features new “Touch & Feel” animals with a fuzzy-headed sheep and a horse sporting a mohawk mane.    It is a big hit with Finn who as you well know has a penchant for all types of tresses.   

We are excited about The Farm for several reasons:

A) Old school toy.  And you know how we Kane’s feel about Old School.   Every kid should have the farm toy.  

B) Good practice.  Not that we are going to have chickens and pigs at the home we build at “The Farm” in PA someday, but 6.2 acres translates into LOTS O’CHORES for the young lad.  Getting up before dawn.  Mowing lawn.  Pruning Trees.  Projects, son, projects.

Unsuspecting Finn Ei-Ei-Os while Daddy relaxes in the background.   Now, John loves his son, but the prospect of free child labor makes him giddy with delight. 



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