The Great Escape

Mommy and Daddy have been digging a tunnel out of the basement for months using discarded plastic baby spoons. 

The truth be told; John planned a little get-a-way weekend for us.   A special thanks to Nonnie and Uncle Joe for harboring an tiny teether while we napped and dined in tranquil silence.   We owe you  – Big Time.   

We stayed in lovely Lambertville, NJ which has an old-school-Norman-Rockwell-just-our-speed feel to it.   We could not help but hum Deck the Halls as we strolled the streets lined with Gingerbread rowhouses festooned with fresh pine garlands.     We had some wonderful meals,  un-interupted naps and long chats at the hotel bar about topics other than poop and Baby Einstein.   We are refreshed and full of the holiday spirit (plus no gifts to buy – it was our gift to each other)

We raced home to pick up the little boy and I could not stop kissing him and squeezing his dupey.   We missed his little face, but knew he was in good hands (see Mom I told you I would not write anything incriminating) .    It was so sweet to tuck him into his own crib tonight.  Nigh Nigh, little man.  Mommy and Daddy are home.   


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