Toxic Waste

We warned by our friends, Mark and Kim, that the ginger-dressing diapers from the breastmilk days had nothing on the solid food nappies.   The Stink-0-Matic factor increases exponentially.   Now that Finn is enjoying all kinds of interesting textures like the aforementioned sausage stuffing and BBQ chicken, the Diaper Champ, which is meant to contain the pungent scents,  is no match for stinky pants.     

I have started to wrap up the offensive bundles and deposit them on the front porch to be taken out to the trash.   Initially, I placed them in a plastic shopping bag, but in the interest of being slightly more enviornmentally friendly I switched to brown paper lunch bags… bringing a whole new meaning to brown baggin’ it.

This afternoon he sampled some chili.  I really wish that we equiped his nursery with drop down gas masks and hazmat suits.   


One Response to “Toxic Waste”

  1. timethief Says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I love your sense of humour. 😀

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