Twelve Days of Sickness

It has been 17 days since our first sick visit to the doctor.  

“Just a little cold” she said.   Tylenol Cold and rest was all he needed.  I was surprised when she told us that it would last 7 to 10 days.  I thought no way it will hang on that long.    Well every bit of 10 days later Mr. Finn was still pretty croupy.  We returned to the doctor and this time we were sent away with two prescriptions for an antibiotic and a decongestant.    I felt like a terrible mom that Finn had gotten worse not better. 

Finn was really a very good boy about the whole ordeal  except when it came to nose wiping and ingesting chalky Amoxicillin.   We took to disguising it in peaches and calling it Peaches n’ Cream.   Grandfather was very concerned with the proper administration of Finn’s “OxyCotin”.    

Finn was not all that crazy about the thick purple decongestant either so that we started mixing it in his milk to make a very special Grape Quick.  (Note – I have since contacted the pharmacist and was told that medicines should not be mixed with milk since it coats the stomach and prevents absorption)

By the end of Thanksgiving weekend,  Typhoid Finn landed both his grandparents in bed with nasty colds.    

Here is my homage to cold and flu season spun holiday style:

One runny nose

Two sick grandparents

Three medicines

Four calling doctor

Five croupy coughs

Six germs a-staying 

Seven tubs a-dunking

Eight purple milkings 

Nine-ty crudy Kleenex

Ten late-night leaping

Eleven Vicks-a-vaporing

Twelve Sort-of-Sleeping


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