Gooble Gooble

Finn waited patiently as Nana basted the Bird. 


He endured dressup clothes and a family portrait marathon.


He had his very own space at the grownup table.  No kiddie table for him.


As a reward for his tolerance with all the fuss, he goobled up Mashers,  Sweet Potatoes,  Sausage Stuffing,  and some tasty bites of Nana’s Bird.    But Cheesecake was clearly the favorite.   Watch his face as he waits to get a taste.

Then he helped himself.   Correction Cousin Lily, Cousin Alex and Aunt Sandi helped Finn to seconds at Cia’s House.  


The day could not have gone any better.   We are thankful to God for this little man and all the joy he brings to our family.     


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