Dr Muir Goes To the Barber

We made a special trip to PA this weekend with one task in mind…Finn’s First Haircut.  His father and grandfather have been after me for weeks to trim his little locks.     His hair resembled the bad toupee of a local podiatrist, Dr. Muir, with puffy tufts at the sideburns and wispy long bangs.   There was nothing better than retrieving Finn from a nap to see Dr. Muir in full effect.  


In preparation for the much anticipated First Christmas Photo,  I gave in and scheduled his first trim.   Now, we could not go to just any old barber.    I come from a long line of hairdressers; my mom, two aunts, and several cousins.   We went with experience.  My Aunt Pat, aka Cia,  has been cutting hair for 40 years.   She started cutting her friends hair, then their kids, and now she cuts their grandkids hair.    Let’s say that she averages 100 childrens cuts a year and that is probably conservative.   That means she has successfully managed 4,000 little heads in the chair.    Impressive.

Despite my fears,  Finn was not even a challenge.   He was pretty good actually.   Especially once Cousin Lily shared her My Little Pony Pink Light Up Magic Wand with him.   He happily waved his wand (Thank God his father was not present) and let us hold his head steady.   


 As for the cut,  he looks stunning. 



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