Devil Wears Nada

You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.   


 We have been in a Vick’s Vapor induced haze this past week battling our first cold.     Little man has been in a surprisingly good mood despite the croupy cough and Darth Vader impersonation.   He is happiest in the tubby with a capful of Johnson’s Vapor Wash to clear his head.  

While taking care of a sick baby,  John and I had flashbacks to our own sick days.   John remembers getting a dose of meds disguised as applesauce.    His mom would open a Contact pill and mix the tiny beads into the applesauce.    I remember laying with my head over the vaporizer with my mom rubbing my back.    

We wonder what Finn will remember.   Will it be the “Blue Light Special” – the plug-in/night light combo that emits a menthol scent and an eerie blue light?   Or will it be getting his yummy cherry medicine from a tiny plastic syringe?    I hope he remembers vapor tubbies since he likes that the best. 


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