Finn’s First Pint

Well, not really, but he did visit his first pub.  In honor of our dear Irish friends, the O’Mahoney’s,  we made the trek into the city and met at Stout on 33rd Street.     Brian O’Mahoney is an off-the-boat (or plane) Irishman from County Waterford who married a wee-lass from County Cork by way of Staten Island named Tara Feehan.   

In any event, the two recently moved to Tulsa, Oaklahoma where they located the only Irish pub in town directly across the street from the Catholic Church.   Brian is more than happy to attend mass now and retire across the street for a pint and eggs.   Apparently, folks in Tulsa do not run across many Irishmen.   Even the owner of the pub asked Brian if he was from Boston. 

Anyway,  the O’Mahoney’s were happy to be back in the city of 10,000 accents.    Finn was overwhelmed at first by the din of the football games on the big TVs.    We had a big long table with lots of friends to visit.   His favorite new friend is Baby Ryan who is exactly 5 days older than Finn and tips the scales at about 27 lbs give or take.    His parents ,Lynette and Al, are also from Ireland and are good craic (pronounced Crack but means Fun in Gaelic) .   Tara’s sister, Kristen,  and Natalie and Ruben, who are from Australia, joined the crowd.    It was like the UN except with pints, babies and absolutely no talk of nuclear missiles. 


Finn and the Not So Wee Leprechaun, Ryan.


Finn chugged his bottle and promptly passed out in the pub.


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