Where’s the Beef?

Finn apparently shares another trait with his parents; a love of meatloaf.   When our mothers would ask what special meal we would like when returning home from college for a weekend,  the answer was always, “Meatloaf.”   So it seems that Master Finn may be requesting the same in 18 years. 

Table food is so much more fun than the Jars O’Mush.    Finn is making a culinary tour through the alphabet. So far, A is for Apples,  B is for Bananas,  C is for Carrots,  D was going to be Doughnuts (but Mommy relented and gave him Dairy in the form of yogurt instead), and E is for Eggs that he mooched off Mommy’s plate.    M is for Meatloaf slightly out of turn but we are flexible.   F is for Fettucini that the young foodie will sample on Wednesday at Nonnie’s House.  Mangia! 


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