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November 30, 2006

Finn marched in the Metuchen Winter Festival Parade.   It is called the Winter Festival to be politically correct, but I think the orgins of the festivities were clearly present with arrival of Santa in his sleigh.  Ummm … it like used to be the Christmas Parade, but don’t tell anyone.  

At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, which Finn attended with his mom,  there was an intense discussion about what holiday decorations would be allowed, where they could be placed and why.   Apparently it cost the city of Morristown $300,000 to fight a lawsuit by a group atheists that did not want any secular symbols like a tree or a wreath placed in the town square.    We are not talking a manger or a menorah.   We are talking greenery.   People are insane.  By the way, they won their suit since town property is “owned” by the entire community.  $300,000 is an expensive lesson in political correctness.   In any event,  Metuchen has a tree placed on the private property of a local bank instead of our beautiful brand-new Borough Hall.   

It was 60 degrees, but we still bundled the little man like an Elf.   I ended up carrying him for the 1/2 mile parade route through town.   He wanted to see all the action. 


You already know Finn comes from a lineage of hairdressers,  but what you don’t know is that he also has a genetic-predisposition to marching.   His Nonnie was a baton twirler for Scranton Tech’s Red Raiders.   I followed in my mother’s footsteps marching with Judy’s Twirlettes.   For the major parades,  I wore a felt tuxedo commissioned by Grandma Dougher with a cumberbun and obnoxiously large bowtie coordinated to the holiday at hand.   Next time we are in PA I will scan a photo.   Scranton Haute Couture at its finest.  

Finn also has marching in his blood from his father’s days in formation at West Point.   Nana says John had a hard time with the pivot.   I could have taught him a thing or two.

He liked the bagpipers. 


See Finn Strut (well be strutted at least) 


Twelve Days of Sickness

November 27, 2006

It has been 17 days since our first sick visit to the doctor.  

“Just a little cold” she said.   Tylenol Cold and rest was all he needed.  I was surprised when she told us that it would last 7 to 10 days.  I thought no way it will hang on that long.    Well every bit of 10 days later Mr. Finn was still pretty croupy.  We returned to the doctor and this time we were sent away with two prescriptions for an antibiotic and a decongestant.    I felt like a terrible mom that Finn had gotten worse not better. 

Finn was really a very good boy about the whole ordeal  except when it came to nose wiping and ingesting chalky Amoxicillin.   We took to disguising it in peaches and calling it Peaches n’ Cream.   Grandfather was very concerned with the proper administration of Finn’s “OxyCotin”.    

Finn was not all that crazy about the thick purple decongestant either so that we started mixing it in his milk to make a very special Grape Quick.  (Note – I have since contacted the pharmacist and was told that medicines should not be mixed with milk since it coats the stomach and prevents absorption)

By the end of Thanksgiving weekend,  Typhoid Finn landed both his grandparents in bed with nasty colds.    

Here is my homage to cold and flu season spun holiday style:

One runny nose

Two sick grandparents

Three medicines

Four calling doctor

Five croupy coughs

Six germs a-staying 

Seven tubs a-dunking

Eight purple milkings 

Nine-ty crudy Kleenex

Ten late-night leaping

Eleven Vicks-a-vaporing

Twelve Sort-of-Sleeping

Gooble Gooble

November 26, 2006

Finn waited patiently as Nana basted the Bird. 


He endured dressup clothes and a family portrait marathon.


He had his very own space at the grownup table.  No kiddie table for him.


As a reward for his tolerance with all the fuss, he goobled up Mashers,  Sweet Potatoes,  Sausage Stuffing,  and some tasty bites of Nana’s Bird.    But Cheesecake was clearly the favorite.   Watch his face as he waits to get a taste.

Then he helped himself.   Correction Cousin Lily, Cousin Alex and Aunt Sandi helped Finn to seconds at Cia’s House.  


The day could not have gone any better.   We are thankful to God for this little man and all the joy he brings to our family.     

15 Pounds O’Baby

November 20, 2006

Ok – so it should read babies plural.   My dear friend,  Katherine Wright Ramey, produced HUGE twin boys today.   William was 6 lbs 15 oz and Christopher was 7 lbs 11oz.  Love the names.  I missed her phone call this evening and John (aka Buzz Kill) told me I could not call her back.   She is probably exhausted but she sounded awesome.  I am so proud of her I could bust.   She has been a total trooper growing these big guys plus chasing 16 month old Joey.  I knew she was ready to go when she told me on Friday,  “I get tired when I stand.”    Here is to you Kate.    You,  Rob and Big Brother Joey will do great.  

Dr Muir Goes To the Barber

November 20, 2006

We made a special trip to PA this weekend with one task in mind…Finn’s First Haircut.  His father and grandfather have been after me for weeks to trim his little locks.     His hair resembled the bad toupee of a local podiatrist, Dr. Muir, with puffy tufts at the sideburns and wispy long bangs.   There was nothing better than retrieving Finn from a nap to see Dr. Muir in full effect.  


In preparation for the much anticipated First Christmas Photo,  I gave in and scheduled his first trim.   Now, we could not go to just any old barber.    I come from a long line of hairdressers; my mom, two aunts, and several cousins.   We went with experience.  My Aunt Pat, aka Cia,  has been cutting hair for 40 years.   She started cutting her friends hair, then their kids, and now she cuts their grandkids hair.    Let’s say that she averages 100 childrens cuts a year and that is probably conservative.   That means she has successfully managed 4,000 little heads in the chair.    Impressive.

Despite my fears,  Finn was not even a challenge.   He was pretty good actually.   Especially once Cousin Lily shared her My Little Pony Pink Light Up Magic Wand with him.   He happily waved his wand (Thank God his father was not present) and let us hold his head steady.   


 As for the cut,  he looks stunning. 


Basket Case

November 17, 2006

Watch Finn in training for the 2024 Winter Games US Bobsled Team. 

The Office

November 15, 2006

Finn is hoping to get a job at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch when he grows up.    He is already building his resume.   He types 6 words per minute.   He makes copies and sends faxes.   

We have some concerns that he takes “dressdown” too literally by wearing jammies to the office.    No sense of decorum.   He needs to take a page from his father’s button-down-and-khaki repertoire.


Welcome Home Jack

November 14, 2006

Jack Kaden Smart is home at last.    Yeah!!!! 

Finn has a few words of wisdom to the newborn on the block.  

 1)   Boobs are great, but take it easy.   If you go too fast, you can get squirted in the face.

2) Parents (the pretty lady and the guy with the crazy red hair) try really hard, but sometimes they are just clueless.   Don’t give up on them.  Try letting them sleep.  

3) Grandparents are even better than parents.   No rules and more experience.

4) When you hear ocean sounds,  they are trying to get you to sleep.  Don’t fall for it.     

Devil Wears Nada

November 13, 2006

You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.   


 We have been in a Vick’s Vapor induced haze this past week battling our first cold.     Little man has been in a surprisingly good mood despite the croupy cough and Darth Vader impersonation.   He is happiest in the tubby with a capful of Johnson’s Vapor Wash to clear his head.  

While taking care of a sick baby,  John and I had flashbacks to our own sick days.   John remembers getting a dose of meds disguised as applesauce.    His mom would open a Contact pill and mix the tiny beads into the applesauce.    I remember laying with my head over the vaporizer with my mom rubbing my back.    

We wonder what Finn will remember.   Will it be the “Blue Light Special” – the plug-in/night light combo that emits a menthol scent and an eerie blue light?   Or will it be getting his yummy cherry medicine from a tiny plastic syringe?    I hope he remembers vapor tubbies since he likes that the best. 

Finn’s First Pint

November 7, 2006

Well, not really, but he did visit his first pub.  In honor of our dear Irish friends, the O’Mahoney’s,  we made the trek into the city and met at Stout on 33rd Street.     Brian O’Mahoney is an off-the-boat (or plane) Irishman from County Waterford who married a wee-lass from County Cork by way of Staten Island named Tara Feehan.   

In any event, the two recently moved to Tulsa, Oaklahoma where they located the only Irish pub in town directly across the street from the Catholic Church.   Brian is more than happy to attend mass now and retire across the street for a pint and eggs.   Apparently, folks in Tulsa do not run across many Irishmen.   Even the owner of the pub asked Brian if he was from Boston. 

Anyway,  the O’Mahoney’s were happy to be back in the city of 10,000 accents.    Finn was overwhelmed at first by the din of the football games on the big TVs.    We had a big long table with lots of friends to visit.   His favorite new friend is Baby Ryan who is exactly 5 days older than Finn and tips the scales at about 27 lbs give or take.    His parents ,Lynette and Al, are also from Ireland and are good craic (pronounced Crack but means Fun in Gaelic) .   Tara’s sister, Kristen,  and Natalie and Ruben, who are from Australia, joined the crowd.    It was like the UN except with pints, babies and absolutely no talk of nuclear missiles. 


Finn and the Not So Wee Leprechaun, Ryan.


Finn chugged his bottle and promptly passed out in the pub.