Fort Bragg

This is the post where I brag about my in-laws.   We made the trip to PA to find this in their living room.


Grandfather went to Dunmore Appliance for the box.   He told them, “I don’t want an appliance, just a box.”   He coated it with Army Green paint that he just happend to have on hand.     He muttered,  “I went back out for the stencils and last night your mother-in-law was ironing the American Flag.”    

As homage to his father,  a West Point sticker adorned the rather simple exterior.    GO ARMY!  BEAT NAVY!

Foxy Finn checked out his new post.    No parents allowed: Only kids and their neat grandparents.   First, he radioed back to camp that he arrived at the fort.  


Then he took up his post for the nightwatch.



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