Errol Finn

YO HO HO HO!  A Pirate’s Life for me! 



Aside from torturing him with black eyeliner to apply his villainous mustache while Nana restrained him,  suiting him up went reasonably well.   The costume creation was a family affair.  His little vest was stitched up with love by Nana.    Mommy dug up the Skully McBones patch on the internet and had it shipped from California.    Daddy hunted down the parrot in Wisconsin.  Who knew they had such a tropical climate. 

We snapped a few photos with Nana and visited with Daddy and Grandfather just long enough to be told by Grandfather that we were all nuts.  The tiny swashbuckler embarked on his first voyage to Nonno & Nonnie’s House where his little mustache brought shrieks of laughter.  

His next port of call was Cia’s House.  Captain Hook visited with Tinkerbell (played by Cousin Lily) while a large Moose, I mean,  raindeer looked on.   Tinkerbell adored the little pirate saying, “I Yove him.  He is so Sute.”


Since this was his first time trick or treating,  we tried to explain the concept.  The tricks included crawling a warp speed, standing and wielding a plastic sword.  The treats of freeze dried apples from Nonnie, a banana from Aunt Janet and juice drinks from Cousin Jilly were considered a fine booty by the young sea captain. 

The long day of pillaging wore out the tiny sea traveler. 


He was happy to return to his fort.



2 Responses to “Errol Finn”

  1. sarah Says:

    Oh. my. god. He is the cutest, thing EVER!!! Oh, oops. I mean. He is the most FEROCIOUS pirate ever!


  2. schrodie Says:

    Litle twerp…

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