High Roller

Finn’s saucer has a plethora of engaging devices for little hands.   One of his favs has three wheels that spin to line up shapes just like a slot machine.    He loves it.   It even makes that bling-bling-bling sound like in the casino.   I think he may have inherited his infatuation with that melody from his great grandmother, Biznonna in Italian.   The kids shorten it to Biz, but pronounce it like Bees.    Well, Finn doesn’t but soon enough he will.

Anyway,  Bees is a high roller.   She loves the casino.   She takes bustrips with her lady friends to AC regularly.   She even has specific slots marked as her own and not just in AC.   When John and I went to Vegas,  she directed us to certain machine at the Trop to play for her.   

A few weeks ago,  she was casing the rows at Cesars waiting for another granny to step away from “her machine”.    When the lady finally moved on,  Bees moved in.    A couple quarters into her turn,  the bells went off.     She had to put her head down and take a nitro (bypass surgery a few years ago).  

The man next to her said,  “You just won 10,000 quarters!”   For those of us slow at math like me,  that is $2,500 smack-a-roos.    They paid her out in hundreds.    Bees is in the money!!!!  Bling-Bling-Bling   


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