This is what happens when you have an aunt that works in the garment district…Baby Uggs.   Finn doesn’t mind them as long as they are paired with his shooting vest by Eddie Bauer.    He intends to wear the shooting vest when he goes to “spot deer” with Mr. Rowlands and his buddy,  Jake.    There will be no actual shooting of any sort.     ugg.jpg

Speaking of hunting,  who says you can’t have a celebrity sighting in Scranton.   While out for our anniversary dinner at Great Uncle Peter’s  (the proprietor is the great nephew of Peter Luger)  in Newton Ransom,  John and I had a quasi-celebrity moment.    Bob,  the owner,  took a call as we were sitting at their newly minted bar.     He told us that Eric Trump,  The Donald’s youngest son, was coming for dinner.    Apparently,  he is a big time hunter and went to school with a kid from the area.   He comes up often to hunt and loves a good steak.    When their party arrived, Bob seated them next to us and we were treated to tale tales of hunting Zebra in Africa and shooting big guns on the Prairie.   


One Response to “Ugg-believable”

  1. LindScranton Says:

    Apparently Eric Trump is in town this weekend. He was seen at a bar in town with group of buddies. I was told he was cozying-up with a woman and later left with her…

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