Finn and Mommy took a road-trip today to visit Baby Ava Mullen.    She is a tiny love.   Her Big Brother,  Jack, was at big boy school.   In his absence,  Finn test-drove (aka put-in-his-mouth) matchboxes and kickedback in Jack’s big boy chair to watch some Einstein.   Ava was cool with that as long as we didn’t get too loud and disturb her beauty rest.   

I got to hold her for a bit and she smelled great.   It did not last long though once Finn realized his Mommy was holding someone and it wasn’t him.   He was jealous and let me know it by clawing his way up my arm in protest.    I passed Ava back to Ms. Sharon (we have not yet brought ourselves to refer to eachother as Mrs. Mullen and Mrs. Kane) .   I picked Finn up and he calmed right down.   Now every mom wants their kid to be well adjusted and not get jealous,  but secretly they love it.    It is nice to feel loved. 


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