One of the other traits that Finn inherited from his father is his love of long hair.    John, whose hair has been retreating since his ARMY days,  says that he lives vicariously through my long hair.    We have joked for years about his strands getting voted off Survivor Island,  but I truthfully I think he looks dashing.   

What started as soft downy tufts on Finn’s noggin have sprouted into a fluffy mass of golden brown hair.    His hair has a swirl pattern on top that looks like the eye of a hurricane.    The side burns are actually quite long prompting his father to suggest the need for his first haircut – military buzz here we come.   Mommy is not ready for that yet.

When he takes the bottle before a nap,  he gently strokes his locks with his right hand and with his left he reaches up for Mommy’s strands.   He drifts off to sleep and when he wakes,  his whisps stick out like cockateel feathers (or perhaps little devil horns). 


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