Just in time for Halloween,  the boogeyman paid a visit to the Kane residence leaving a trail of balled up Kleenex in his wake.   Mr.  Finn does not appear to have a cold just a leaky faucet.   He does not like it at all when Mommy tries to intervene.    It is no wonder why I buy $7  T-shirts from Target since more gets on my shoulder then on the tissue when trying to make a swipe at his nose.   Gross.  The best solution seems to be the Saline Nasal Spray.   He puts up a heck of a fight, but can breathe easy in the end.  

It wasn’t all bad today since Aunt Colleen made a cameo.   Finn wuvs Aunt Colleen.   She has been a fixture since the day he was born.   She calls often just to ask, “How’s MY MAN?”   Today Finn demonstrated for her how fast he can crawl and was rewarded with a little Green Mint Chip.  Aunties rock!


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