Finn’s Flapjack Festival

Saturday mornings at the Kane household include coffee, The Post, and pancakes in that order.    This morning Finn watched closely as his Dad prepared the Bisquick batter (the only way to go) and fired up the griddle.   He explained in detail that the first pancake is always a disaster and gets thrown out.    He showed him how to create perfect round flappers and achieve a nice golden brown hue.    Finn was very taken up with the whole elaborate process.

As I tried to situate Finn in his highchair,   he went stiff and arched.   This rigor mortis manuver is only overcome by one thing.    “John,  show him the food!  Show him the food!” I shouted.    Instantly,  his little frame relaxes and I can strap him in.     He was treated to little warm pieces of flapjack with syrup.   YUM!   He loved it.   Check out the pics.   




I can do it myself. 


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