All Work and No Play ….

Sorry that I missed a post yesterday.   Finn & Mommy held our first playgroup yesterday.    We had two other mommies and two baby girls over to play with our toys.   Finn seemed to enjoy himself despite being outnumber 5 to 1 by chicks.     Anna and Finn have been hanging out for months since they were itsy bitsy going for walks and falling asleep in order for their mommies to drink cup after cup of coffee at Brewed Awakening on Main Street.   Kelly is just 10 days older than Finn.   Her mom and I met at the YMCA when we both had big baby bellies.    It was like working out in reverse – exercising to only get bigger.    One day, I even got wedged between the exercise bikes as I was trying to climb on.   

Fast forward to playgroup,  they all poked at each others faces to get started then got down to business playing hard.   Occasionally a round of tug of war broke out, but generally it was a peaceful demonstration.    Anna even took a ride in Finn’s jumper seat, but found she really got the best ride when Finn crawled under the seat and she could kick him for leverage.  Hilarious. 


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