Peppermint Patty

My mother has a penchant for nicknames.   She  had a slew of them for my brother – Mr. Man, Pettibones, Snodgrass, Guipetto,  Doodleboy as well as variations thereof.  For me, however, she had only one nickname,  Corkbutts.     There is no story behind it and simply no reason for it, other than complete torture.    During the sign of peace at mass,  she would turn to me and say, “Peace Corky.”    I would turn red and lose my mind.

My son is no exception.   His name,  Finn Patrick Kane,  was kept under wraps until his grand entrance.    While my brother and his friends loved the name (undoubtedly since it sounds like a pub),  people of our parent’s generation raised more than a few eyebrows.   My own mother, the dedicated delivery room coach,  was on the fence until she bestowed his first nickname, Finn Patty.      As with all her nicknames,  it is very fluid and morphs into others like Finn Patty Poo or or more recently just Pats.    It is not lost on John and I that the nicknames are becoming more like her own name, Patsy.  

Today was rough.   Finn is working on an eye tooth and a second bottom tooth.   He missed a nap and was generally disgruntled until Mommy had a idea.   I dropped to the kitchen floor with a half gallon of Green Mint Chip.   I figure the kid has to be genetically predisposed to  Green Mint Chip since it is the preferred flavor of his mother, Nonnie and Grandfather Kane.   

So all your moms out there here is something the doctor won’t tell you …. try a little ice cream and a cold spoon.   You will be happy you did!    Check out the video below.   This is my first time posting video.   I hope it works.   Click and be patient – it is a big file so takes a bit to load.


One Response to “Peppermint Patty”

  1. Sarah Says:

    O.M.G. the cutest face ever. I also like that he reacted more to your mother’s nickname than his given name… Jack has been going by Stinker Bell for the last 2 weeks – he share the nickname with his brother, Hollis.

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