Ciao (or Chow)

In honor of Columbus Day, Finn sampled his first loaf of Italian Bread last night.    His name may be as Irish as Patty’s Pigs,  but my little guy is still 1/4 Italiano.    We tore out small pieces of the soft middle of a fresh loaf and placed them on his tray.   First,  he used the pointer of his left hand to trap a piece and slide it towards him.    He manuvered it up the lip of tray only to have it fall into his lap.  

The next attempt demonstrated true baby ingenuity.   He trapped a piece with his left pointer, but this time brought the right pointer finger in on the assist.    It was like he was using chubby chopsticks.   He was so determined.   It would have kept his attention for hours.  

When he finally got a piece, he mashed it, smacked his lips and grinned.   Now that’s Italian!    


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