The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Great Pumpkin

Young Master Finn went to the pumpkin patch at Roba Tree Farm.  

It was insane.   Parked in the farmer’s field,  there were hundreds of SUVs from which poured armies of orange clad kids attempting to hoist pumpkins 4 times their weight.   Finn was needless to say overwhelmed or perhaps underwhelmed.   You decide from his face in the above photo.   Click on the photo to enlarge it.

The giant pumpkin in the photo is about 350 lbs.   That is nothing.   To be “competitive”  a giant pumpkin must top out well over 1,000 lbs.   At their peak point, they gain 30 lbs a day.   Jenny Craig here we come – Yikes!

All hope for fun at the patch is not lost.   We met up with our buddies, Stacey & Hurlow,  and their little guy, Jake.   At 16 months,  Jake was truly digging the patch.    More fun for Finn next year.


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