Mover and Shaker

Finn has spent several weeks moving in reverse.   He could see something he wanted, but he could only travel backwards or occasionally sideways like a crab.    He would be supremely annoyed by a) not getting the thing he wanted and b) being trapped under a chair.  This is perhaps a genetic trait, since my mom tells me that I was also backward crawler. 

Last Friday,  he finally figured out how to switch his gears into forward.    The little geek in him just needed technology as the incentive.    With Mommy’s cell phone or Nonno’s coveted remote placed infront of him,   he lunged forward from the start position and his little padded dupey wiggled as he quickly scooted his legs forward and arms ahead.     He snatched up the phone, returned to the seated start postion and beamed happily at his adoring crowd.    Yeah Finn!  


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