Tour De Finn

Mr. Finn went visiting yesterday.  He is a man of the people.

He was all duded up in a fuzzy wuzzy puppy suit.   First, we went to see his Great Great Aunt Rena.   She turns 91 this year and is sharper than me on my best day.    She had her makeup on, her hair done and could not wait to get her hands on Finn.    We had to hold him on her lap since he started to excute this fast lunging move in the last day or so.    Nonno calls it his Python Strike.   

She was delighted with him and kept saying, “Oh, little Butchie. Oh, little Butchie.”   Butchie is my father’s Jessup nickname.   Everyone in Jessup has a nickname.  My grandfather was “Stiffy” and not for the reason most people would think.   He got the nickname as a small boy for standing there like a Stiff while the kids were shooting marbles.    My Uncle Joe was Cuckoo.  Some other favorites of mine are Beansie,  Scutz, and Zglick.  

We moved Finn to the floor to play with his toys and he reached out with his left hand to grab his doodle bug.    Immediatly, Aunt Rena said,  “He is a lefty.   I am a lefty.   Don’t you discourage it.”    I told you she was sharp.    

Next we went to see Mr. & Mrs. Kelly.   Mr. Kelly is a very nice man who has been like a mentor to my dad over the years.    He first met my father when he was hitchhiking to Scranton Prep.   Mr. Kelly picked him up and would give him rides regularly.    The world is a very different place today.    Finn turned on the charm once again as Mrs.  Kelly brought him every kid-friendly object in her lovely home. 

Finn’s last visit of the day was with my cousin Kathleen or Cakes as I called her as a kid.   He gave her this sideways over-the-shoulder smirk and she laughed, “He looks just like JP. ”  Poor John. I keep telling him “But,  he has your eyebrows, Honey.”    


One Response to “Tour De Finn”

  1. Jack Smart Says:

    !. Wheew! your font issues are out of the way!.
    2. You’ve made it onto Jack’s blog roll, which is a list of blogs that we like or read regularly.
    3. You are a very funny writer.
    4. sign up for google analytics ( ), that way you can see how many people are reading your site. Its much easier to write when you know that people are actually reading.
    5. Jack + Finn BFF 4 life!
    6. OK, they’ve never actually met, but still… it could happen.

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