Shout Out to Jack

This is a shout out to Jack Kaden Smart born on August 27, 2006 to our friends, Sarah and Archie Smart.  Young Mr.  Smart arrived exactly three months earlier than his November 27, 2006 due date.  He is an amazing young man putting up a heck of a fight at St. Luke’s Roosevelt in NYC.   We send our very best wishes to Jack and his Mom and Dad. 

Many moons ago,  Jack’s father and mother played gracious hosts to a couple of New Yorkers who after dealing with a cruel real estate broker were left homeless.    All they got out of it was chocolate chip cookies.  Sarah and Arch, thank you for your kindness.    Your good karma will come back to you for little Jack – GO JACK GO!   

You can track Jack’s journey at    Jack’s blog inspired me to start blogging too.   His Papa even gave me some help with managing my font issues.   What a gem. 


One Response to “Shout Out to Jack”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Well – we actually got some kick ass roomates for about a month if I recall. And then I think I slept on your couch during the great breakup of 1999. Ah yes, the good old days.

    I think we’re more than even, but that’s just me…


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