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Errol Finn

October 30, 2006

YO HO HO HO!  A Pirate’s Life for me! 



Aside from torturing him with black eyeliner to apply his villainous mustache while Nana restrained him,  suiting him up went reasonably well.   The costume creation was a family affair.  His little vest was stitched up with love by Nana.    Mommy dug up the Skully McBones patch on the internet and had it shipped from California.    Daddy hunted down the parrot in Wisconsin.  Who knew they had such a tropical climate. 

We snapped a few photos with Nana and visited with Daddy and Grandfather just long enough to be told by Grandfather that we were all nuts.  The tiny swashbuckler embarked on his first voyage to Nonno & Nonnie’s House where his little mustache brought shrieks of laughter.  

His next port of call was Cia’s House.  Captain Hook visited with Tinkerbell (played by Cousin Lily) while a large Moose, I mean,  raindeer looked on.   Tinkerbell adored the little pirate saying, “I Yove him.  He is so Sute.”


Since this was his first time trick or treating,  we tried to explain the concept.  The tricks included crawling a warp speed, standing and wielding a plastic sword.  The treats of freeze dried apples from Nonnie, a banana from Aunt Janet and juice drinks from Cousin Jilly were considered a fine booty by the young sea captain. 

The long day of pillaging wore out the tiny sea traveler. 


He was happy to return to his fort.



Fort Bragg

October 30, 2006

This is the post where I brag about my in-laws.   We made the trip to PA to find this in their living room.


Grandfather went to Dunmore Appliance for the box.   He told them, “I don’t want an appliance, just a box.”   He coated it with Army Green paint that he just happend to have on hand.     He muttered,  “I went back out for the stencils and last night your mother-in-law was ironing the American Flag.”    

As homage to his father,  a West Point sticker adorned the rather simple exterior.    GO ARMY!  BEAT NAVY!

Foxy Finn checked out his new post.    No parents allowed: Only kids and their neat grandparents.   First, he radioed back to camp that he arrived at the fort.  


Then he took up his post for the nightwatch.


High Roller

October 26, 2006

Finn’s saucer has a plethora of engaging devices for little hands.   One of his favs has three wheels that spin to line up shapes just like a slot machine.    He loves it.   It even makes that bling-bling-bling sound like in the casino.   I think he may have inherited his infatuation with that melody from his great grandmother, Biznonna in Italian.   The kids shorten it to Biz, but pronounce it like Bees.    Well, Finn doesn’t but soon enough he will.

Anyway,  Bees is a high roller.   She loves the casino.   She takes bustrips with her lady friends to AC regularly.   She even has specific slots marked as her own and not just in AC.   When John and I went to Vegas,  she directed us to certain machine at the Trop to play for her.   

A few weeks ago,  she was casing the rows at Cesars waiting for another granny to step away from “her machine”.    When the lady finally moved on,  Bees moved in.    A couple quarters into her turn,  the bells went off.     She had to put her head down and take a nitro (bypass surgery a few years ago).  

The man next to her said,  “You just won 10,000 quarters!”   For those of us slow at math like me,  that is $2,500 smack-a-roos.    They paid her out in hundreds.    Bees is in the money!!!!  Bling-Bling-Bling   


October 25, 2006

This is what happens when you have an aunt that works in the garment district…Baby Uggs.   Finn doesn’t mind them as long as they are paired with his shooting vest by Eddie Bauer.    He intends to wear the shooting vest when he goes to “spot deer” with Mr. Rowlands and his buddy,  Jake.    There will be no actual shooting of any sort.     ugg.jpg

Speaking of hunting,  who says you can’t have a celebrity sighting in Scranton.   While out for our anniversary dinner at Great Uncle Peter’s  (the proprietor is the great nephew of Peter Luger)  in Newton Ransom,  John and I had a quasi-celebrity moment.    Bob,  the owner,  took a call as we were sitting at their newly minted bar.     He told us that Eric Trump,  The Donald’s youngest son, was coming for dinner.    Apparently,  he is a big time hunter and went to school with a kid from the area.   He comes up often to hunt and loves a good steak.    When their party arrived, Bob seated them next to us and we were treated to tale tales of hunting Zebra in Africa and shooting big guns on the Prairie.   


October 23, 2006

I received a letter today from Finn’s attorney indicating that the blog postings including  Finn’s image are in violation of his TAG (Tiny Actor’s Guild)  agreement.   Apparently,  I should be paying royalties to the diminutive talent as follows:

– One (1) pumpkin cookie for each image

– Two (2) pumpkin cookies and one (1) scoop of Green Mint Chip for each video clip

– Personal appearances are to be booked through his agent,  Patsy Cardoni (aka Nonnie),  and are subject to change.   His green room should be stocked with Similac,  the complete set of Einstein videos and only red M&Ms.

– Finn Patrick Kane has first right of refusal on playdates, walks, and interviews if he is tired, teething or if he receives a better offer.

Failure to meet FPK’s demands, results in a breach of contract and rigor mortis back arching.     

Cookie Monster

October 22, 2006

Finn’s teeth were just killing him and he tried really hard all day to be a good boy.   I stopped in the bakery for fresh rolls and from the case the pumpkin cookie with a chocolate smiley face was calling out,  “Feed me to Finn.  Feed me to Finn.”  

Now, I realize that you might think between the ice cream and the cookie, I am ruining this kid with sugar (and I very well maybe).   Off camera Finn loves all his puppies (Patsy-speak for baby food).   He wolfs down sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, turkey, chicken, pears, apples, etc. Basically, he has not met a food group he doesn’t like.   For this I am super thankful and for this I will feed him a cookie!

The Technicolor Dream Coat

October 22, 2006


John came home from work to find Finn scurrying about sporting a brightly striped fleece pullover.   He laughed, “He looks like Joseph in the Coat of Many Colors.  A very tiny actor.”   We had a good giggle about Finn being a mini-classically trained actor   

He went on,  “Don’t let Patsy know.   I can see it now.   When we move home to PA, she will call you and say ‘So Leah, I ran into Kathy Elgaway (the music director at Scranton Prep)  and she is casting for Hansel and Gretal.   Anyway I told her Finn would be a perfect Hansel.   He is 1/16 German after all.'” 


October 19, 2006

Finn and Mommy took a road-trip today to visit Baby Ava Mullen.    She is a tiny love.   Her Big Brother,  Jack, was at big boy school.   In his absence,  Finn test-drove (aka put-in-his-mouth) matchboxes and kickedback in Jack’s big boy chair to watch some Einstein.   Ava was cool with that as long as we didn’t get too loud and disturb her beauty rest.   

I got to hold her for a bit and she smelled great.   It did not last long though once Finn realized his Mommy was holding someone and it wasn’t him.   He was jealous and let me know it by clawing his way up my arm in protest.    I passed Ava back to Ms. Sharon (we have not yet brought ourselves to refer to eachother as Mrs. Mullen and Mrs. Kane) .   I picked Finn up and he calmed right down.   Now every mom wants their kid to be well adjusted and not get jealous,  but secretly they love it.    It is nice to feel loved. 


October 18, 2006

One of the other traits that Finn inherited from his father is his love of long hair.    John, whose hair has been retreating since his ARMY days,  says that he lives vicariously through my long hair.    We have joked for years about his strands getting voted off Survivor Island,  but I truthfully I think he looks dashing.   

What started as soft downy tufts on Finn’s noggin have sprouted into a fluffy mass of golden brown hair.    His hair has a swirl pattern on top that looks like the eye of a hurricane.    The side burns are actually quite long prompting his father to suggest the need for his first haircut – military buzz here we come.   Mommy is not ready for that yet.

When he takes the bottle before a nap,  he gently strokes his locks with his right hand and with his left he reaches up for Mommy’s strands.   He drifts off to sleep and when he wakes,  his whisps stick out like cockateel feathers (or perhaps little devil horns). 

Tower Of Babel

October 17, 2006

Finn’s favorite new game involves Mommy or Daddy building a block tower then he crawls to it as fast as his little legs can go.   He pauses infront of it momentarily and positions his hand as if he will gingerly pluck the top block.   He gives a sly little grin.  Then WHAMO!   He knocks it down complete with “Phhhissskuuu” (we consulted on this and settled on the phonetic spelling)  sound effects from his parents.       He belly laughs earnestly.   

Mom and Dad quickly scoop up the blocks and assemble the tower in another remote area of the living room.   The tower is barely assembled when the little man descends upon it.    It is hard to build under pressure especially when you have a fit of giggles.